Dylan Bourgeois, and Baptiste DEVES tell their shipping

The 4L Trophy which was held from 13 to 23 February was attended by over 1400 crew, it is to date the largest humanitarian raid student Europe. From Poitiers , then towards Gibraltar to catch the boat before traveling Moroccan tracks. In all, nearly 6,000 miles to go in 10 days in a mythical Renault 4L for when arriving provide school supplies to many children in need. A great adventure , which took part Dylan Bourgeois Saw who teamed with ard├ęchois Deves Baptiste , both are students in 2nd year DUT Thermal and Energy at the Technical University of Grenoble 1 . Back to Saw , the two students tell the story of this beautiful journey , they evoke the best moments but also the galleys , encounters with people , the solidarity of the student raid , etc …

from Poitiers , the competitors through France and Spain to finally arrive at Algeciras in the first camp. ” atmosphere throughout the raid and each camp was lively ,” says Dylan and Baptiste , ” Algeciras was the first gathering with all 4L and organization , it was also the site of the first briefing . ” Then the competitors took the boat to Tangier and the road to the first bivouac in Morocco Boulajoul , they passed close to Rabat and Meknes . ” This camp was the hardest ,” said crew chablaisien , ” we find snow close on a high .”

Subsequently , Dylan and Baptiste spent 2 nights at Camp Merzouga, they were then able to return all school materials to organizations on the ground . The day that was probably one of the most sensational , as the two adventurers , was the one where they went to install their solar water pump near the town of Rissani . “We installed the equipment in a school where teachers and students were very motivated and interested in our project. During installation we explained to students how this solar water pump on a table . ” We were greeted like royalty and shared with them the happiness and joy that we have obtained from the installation of our solar water pump .


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